Image of Adult Scooby-Doo Mr Hyde Mask ID TTKGWB100-ST

Adult Scooby-Doo Mr Hyde Mask ID TTKGWB100-ST

Two Sides of the Same... Wearing this Scooby Doo: Mr. Hyde Mask is a double disguise! Pesky teenagers and their dog won’t know whether you are the long-faced ghost of Mr. Hyde, who you’ll certainly resemble; or Dr. Jekyll, who used the mask to cover up his jewel thievery in the 70’s cartoon. Or, well, you! It’s kind of genius, isn’t it? Does that make it a triple disguise? Hmmm. We'll have to think about that. Schemes like this send us into fits of maniacal laughter! Muahahaha. Product Details Muahahaha. Okay, we think it’s out of our system for a while. This officially licensed Scooby Doo: Mr. Hyde Mask not only features layers of disguise, but also faux hair attached to the back of the mask, small eye openings in the front to offer a limited but usable field of view, and enough space to fit your whole noggin through a slit in the back.  Good Start How will you complete your dastardly disguise? Suction cups to scale walls and give the illusion that you’re floating? A long, dark cloak that will save you some time and money on applying all that green paint to your body? Just don’t get any ideas about casing that jewelry joint down the street—we doubt that mere suction cups will help you avoid the security cameras.

Price: USD 64.99

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