Image of Adult Cruella Red Dress Classic Costume ID DI118539-M

Adult Cruella Red Dress Classic Costume ID DI118539-M

Styled a Villainess You can’t say you’ve always been a fan of Cruella. She did have that nasty incident with puppy-napping, after all. However, something about her high-class lifestyle at Hell Hall and her designer style had you intrigued. You watched every story that brought the fierce fashionista to life and began to wonder how you could, at least, look like the vexing villainess. Then you saw her origin story unfold before you. The sweet odd-ball went from precocious uniform stylist to an orphan thief. Then pushed to the edge by her employer, she became the terrifyingly chic and clever villainess you’d always wondered about. And with that, it became clear that to emulate the madwoman’s style. You’d need to treat yourself to a character reveal as dramatic as hers! Product Details Do more than impress a curious audience when you arrive at the party in this Cruella Adult Red Dress Classic Costume. This officially licensed pullover gown is modeled after Estella’s first appearance as Cruella. Constructed from a stretchy red polyester, the dress fits close to the skin and flares at the ankle, giving it a trumpet shape. The modest neckline reaches up and away from the shoulders, creating a collar that looks a bit like flames. Pair with bold makeup and a black and white wig to get the full Cruella look!

Price: USD 59.99

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