Image of AVT100 Wondershare EdrawProj (5 Users)  for Win/Mac/Linux- Perpetual Plan ID 38271198

AVT100 Wondershare EdrawProj (5 Users) for Win/Mac/Linux- Perpetual Plan ID 38271198

· Key Features1. Project ManagementView All Project Plans in One PlaceEdrawProj gives you a flexible and interactive view of project schedules. The auto interaction between the table list and Gantt view allows you to schedule, organize, and track projects with minimum effort. 2. Process ManagementSimplify Work With Drag & Drop and DependenciesThe intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to prioritize, change the start date, and adjust duration of tasks. Additionally, set dependencies with one click. With easy-to-use features, anyone can create clear, professional-looking Gantt charts in minutes and manage processes easily. 3. CustomizationDesign a Unique and Stylish Gantt ChartColors in EdrawProj make it easy to distinguish project status. Green is typically used to indicate completed projects, blue is for ongoing ones, while red can be used for critical ones. Now, you can view and track the status of each project through the different color codes. 4. Resource ManagementGet Separate Reports for All Resources and Task StatusesWant to know if tasks are delayed, what your resource statuses are, or keep track of top-level cost reports? EdrawProj provides 10 views for summarizing your project information. 5. PlatformsSwitch Platforms and Share EasilyEdrawProj supports in Windows, macOS, Linux. No matter what system you and your team are using, you can easily share the project status from anywhere, anytime. · More Features Of EdrawProjAdd MilestonesAdd important milestones to your plan to mark significant events and decision points. BaselineCompare initial plan and project actual progress with a baseline to avoid the delay. Cost TrackingEstimate budgets and manage costs using standard or overtime rates. Critical PathSet a critical path to indicate the minimum time required to complete the projects. ExportYou can export Gantt Chart or report to editable Word, Excel and PDF format. HyperlinkInsert website URL, attachments like folder, files or pdf to your Gantt chart.
Linux MacOS Windows 10 Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows XP

Price: USD 750.00

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