Image of 110/220V Car Repair Hot Stapler Bumper Plastic Welding Torch Weld Tools Kit

110/220V Car Repair Hot Stapler Bumper Plastic Welding Torch Weld Tools Kit

SpecificationName Car Bumper Plastic Welding TorchFit For Plastic parts of the carColor RedStaples Type 0 6mm outside corner staples 0 8mm flat staples 0 8mm corner staples 0 8mm waves staplesInput Voltage 110v US Plug 220v EU Plug Features This product is suitable for repair and reinforcement of all automotive plastic parts Such as bumper dashboard lamp holder plastic ring radiator car and motorcycle plastic device This series of products is only suitable for repair plastic HOT The STAPL ER series is for original supplies only Solderable RSI 6 RSI 8 RS26 RS28 RS38 supplies Instruction Connect HOT STAPLER to 220V 110V power supply Select the appropriate type of welding nail insert the suitable electrode mouth Weld the inner surface of the damaged part of the weld Press the start button energize the melted plastic to weld correctly When melting the nails to the right position release the button and wait a few seconds to cool the plastic Repeat this work step until the nails are evenly distributed and then cut the protruding parts with an oblique pliers Note Note that improper use will cause burns or fire hazards Use appropriate personal protective tools at work heat resistant gloves and eye protection tools to prevent spikes when cutting Insert the nail before making sure that the two electrodes are in a cooled state Do not touch the nails and electrodes during soldering Package Included1 x Plastic Welding Torch1 x Pliers200 x Staples

Price: USD 68.99

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